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Update: FDA Alert on Oral Flea/Tick Preventatives


We have been able to get in touch with the FDA and some of the manufacturers of the oral flea/tick preventatives that fall into the isoxazoline class – Bravecto, NexGard, Simperica and Credelio.  

Here is some more clarity regarding the Alert and what it means in regards to these products:


FDA Alert - Oral Flea/Tick Preventatives


On September 20th, the FDA came out with a public Alert regarding the potential for neurological adverse events related to flea/tick preventatives within the isoxazoline class – essentially all of the currently available oral flea/tick preventative products (NexGard, Bravecto, Simperica and Credelio).  

There are still a lot of unanswered questions presented by the FDA’s Alert, but we are actively investigating this issue and will keep you posted!


How Vaccines Work


If you are a history buff, you may know that the first vaccine was developed by a man named Edward Jenner, when he found that exposing humans to a cowpox blister – from cows! – protected the exposed human from developing a devastating disease at the time – smallpox!  Since that time, vaccines have been medicine’s greatest tool to prevent – and in some cases eradicate – diseases that have historically wiped out entire populations.

Vaccines work by taking advantage of one of our body’s greatest weapons for fighting disease – our own immune system.  When our body is exposed to a foreign pathogen or disease, part of its response is to learn – the immune system starts to train itself to be more able to identify and destroy the pathogen.  It takes time for the immune system to react and learn, which is not ideal when dealing with a more severe disease – you want the immune system to be primed and ready to fight off that disease, which is where vaccines come in! 



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