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What to Expect with “Curbside” Service During COVID-19

Communication during your appointment:

  • The preferred method of communication will be over the phone.  If you have one, it is recommended to have a cellular phone on hand during your visit.  Please let our staff know what cell number to use during your visit
  • If you do not have a cellular phone, please inform our staff prior to your visit so that we can plan accordingly.  In these cases, hospital staff will need to communicate with you through the driverside window from a minimum 6-feet distance. 

Expected Appointment Flow:

  1. When you pull into the parking lot, please call the Hospital (847-965-2810) to let the staff know you have arrived.  Confirm the phone number staff should use to communicate with you during your pet’s visit.
    1. If you do not have a cellular phone, this is one reason that it is important that our staff know ahead of time – they will be able to anticipate/watch for you to pull up during your appointed time.
  2. A staff member will come to your vehicle wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to retrieve your pet from your vehicle.  All cats should be in a carrier.  All dogs should be on a fixed-length leash.  If your canine companion is not on a leash, our staff should be informed before your appointment, so they can bring a slip-lead for your pet. 
  3. Dr. Roush or a staff member will contact you over the phone to obtain any needed information and review the overall procedure for your pet’s visit. 
  4. Once your pet has been examined, Dr. Roush will contact you over the phone to review his examination finding(s) and any recommended diagnostic(s) or treatment(s), if needed.  An estimate of cost(s) will also be discussed with you, so we can confirm the plan for you pet’s care. 
  5. Dr. Roush and our staff will take care of the approved care.  Any update(s) or additional recommendation(s) will be discussed with you over the phone.
  6. A staff member will review the final cost of your pet’s visit and will take payment over the phone (credit card or Care Credit).  If cash or check payment, this will be collected by the staff member returning your pet to your vehicle.
  7. A staff member will return your pet to your vehicle. 

We greatly appreciate your patience as we all navigate the COVID-19 outbreak.  We hope to continue providing you an exceptional pet care experience while doing everything we can to ensure your pets receive the care they need, minimize your exposure risk and minimize the exposure risk to our staff.  Stay safe and stay healthy!